Five important facts about targeted display advertising

For better or worse, display advertising has become ubiquitous across the web. However, creating an effective targeted campaign and partnering with a reputable provider can still be a bit of a challenge. The Manchester Radio Group is proud to offer an extensive display network that reaches 98% of the internet.


Our sophisticated targeting capabilities help you ensure that your ads are only displaying to users that you have defined as potential targets. Whether we use geography, demography, context, or social networks to target your ads, we do our best to get you the highest value impressions possible. Our team will actively manage your campaign to optimize all impressions.


One common objection to online advertising is that consumers simply don’t see or look at display ads. However, research found that 58% of consumers noticed retargeted ads featuring products or services they recently looked up while browsing other websites. This illustrates the effectiveness that retargeted ads have building top-of-mind awareness.


An additional study shows that 31% of users click on display ads, and 27% perform a search query after seeing a display ad. It’s important to understand that conversions may not always originate with a click. Users often search for a brand or directly input an advertiser’s website address after being exposed to display advertising. We coach our partners to not only monitor click rates, but also inbound search traffic and overall site traffic to gauge the success of a campaign.


50% of consumers indicate they visit two or more competing websites before they decide to make a purchase. That means consumers may be visiting multiple websites to look up prices, availability, reviews, and more before they even decide to call or fill out a web form.

For local businesses, retargeting these consumers is critical during this “research” stage. That’s because retargeted display ads will appear to interested prospects — defined as those who have searched for particular types of products and services or visited a specific website — as they browse the Web.


When crafting a retargeted campaign, it’s imperative that marketers use keywords and phrases that target their competitor’s customers as well as their own. There is no reason to be limited to the profile of your current customer base. We can easily scrape your direct competitor’s website to further expand the reach of your targeted campaign.

So, let’s get started! Contact us today to begin crafting your targeted display campaign!