Why Radio?

It’s quite a surprising fact to some when they hear that c. That’s because Newsmakers are noisy about new Digital media. While Radio stations across the nation continue to do what they do best, they’re not making headlines. So why Radio Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow? Radio is portable, it goes with everywhere; at home, at work, in your car, on your phone. Radio still dominates in-car listening, nothing is close, it’s easy and topical. Music, News and Information is at your fingertips. Radio is Immediate. Whether it’s breaking news or a new song it’s on the radio. Radio is local, it’s the medium that speaks to you like a neighbor in your home town. Radio is Free. No hookups, no bandwidth, no subscriptions. Radio has a conscience, it is a natural, charitable fundraising partner contributing to the welfare of your community. Radio –Entertaining and Informing you every day…. Alive & Well.