21 Years Later – Jonathan’s Jewelers

We recently sat down with Jon Crary, owner, bench jeweler, and designer  from Jonathan’s Jewelers to get his feedback on working with Manchester Radio Group. Here is what he had to say.


Tell us about Jonathan’s Jewelers:

Jon: I’ve been designing jewelry here in Bedford since 1984.  In 1997 I opened Jonathan’s Jewelers to focus on custom designs.  We offer unique pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.  We also offer 3-day turnaround on most repairs and we do pretty much all of them right here in-house.


You became a partner with WZID for your advertising way back in 1997 and are still working with us today.  What made you decide to use us?

I initially chose WZID because of the popularity of the music you play.  The profile of your listeners also seemed to fit well with who my clientele is.  I know moms in Bedford are listening and I hear it in doctor’s offices and at my dentist.  I’ve gotten to know the whole team there from sales to production to management and have had a very positive experience over the years.  I write and voice my own spots and people always tell me that they hear me on the radio.


How has your business changed over the past 20+ years?

The custom designs that we can do are better.  The quality of workmanship is better than it was 20 years ago.  People are more interested in things like grading reports for diamonds.  That’s become more important.  And for marketing, digital has become important.  It’s something we’re doing more of as our marketing evolves but I do still like radio.  There’s still a lot of value in the radio.