Myth Debunked. Young People Do Listen to Radio

By Radio Ink

July 31, 2020

We know the Gen Z generation does everything on their mobile device. They were practically born with one. That includes listening to audio. And data released by Edison Research this week shoots down the theory that kids don’t listen to the radio.

Edison says that radio’s reach with “Gen Z” (those between the ages of 13 and 24) is high (55%). Megan Vartan, Director of Research at Edison Research and Jayne Charneski, founder of Front Row Insights & Strategy, presented the “Radio’s Roadmap to Gen Z Listenership” webinar Thursday.

That 55% of the 13-24 year-old generation that radio reaches daily (according to Edison’s Share of Ear) is more than streaming reaches, which is 53%.

Vartan says perhaps the fact that Gen Z listens to any  AM/FM radio is a surprise. “Many people believe that no young people ever listen to the radio any more. This is simply not true. Especially when they are in their cars, but even in other places – young people do listen to the radio.”

Qualitative interviews with Gen Z radio listeners found some of the reasons they enjoy radio:
— radio provides a human connection, particularly during quarantine
–radio offers the surprise of songs that have not been curated in streaming playlists
–radio is a source for additional information about music and artists
–radio is a source for news and information
–radio is associated with nostalgia and good memories